On Our Radar: Cocovít

Coconut oil.  Long used in Eastern cultures and popularized more recently in Western ones, many folks view this & other ancient remedies, through a lens of trends with a shelf life but really, we are just getting hip to what other cultures have known to be effective holistic & all-natural cure-alls for centuries.  Unfortunately, many of the dumbed-down versions of what came from Ayurvedic & Chinese Holistic practices, miminize their efficacy as authentic health & beauty remedies.

Cocovìt is something kid of special.  It is a proprietary, heat-less process which produces a 100% pure, raw, organic coconut oil.   100% of the beneficial nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants, healing and restorative properties stay intact, making this the purest and most potent oil available.

100% certified organic, virgin coconut oil harvested in South India. Cocovìt is touted as the first multi-purpose beauty, skin and healthcare product.  It is anti-bacterial, -fungal, -inflammatory and paraben-, GMO- and chemical-free as well as no extra ingredients or added preservatives.

Living in Italy, I’m a little late to the green beauty party sometimes but one of my friends put me on to it & lovingly sent me some in a care package.  When I opted it, I was immediately excited by the gorgeous made-for-Anthro packaging but didn’t want to get my hopes up because I know pretty packaging is one of my biggest downfalls.  I was so happy to find out it lived up to the hype!  Rich and luxurious to the touch, I wasn’t sure what body part was most worthy - hair, skin, nails?  After slathering it most body parts & trying everything from adding it to my May Lindstrom The Problem Solver mask & morning green smoothie I’ve decided to dedicate its main uses to removing my makeup and moisturizing & massaging my scalp because thats where I see the best results & get the most satisfaction.  

An added bonus - which makes Cocovit feel that much better - is the company’s commitment to sustainable sourcing.  Cocovìt founder, Rikita Kapadia, provides jobs and financial stability to 40 families previously living below the poverty line, through her eco-farm in Southern India producing the oil.

For a full list of Cocovìt’s uses & to see which ones work best for you, check out the Cocovìt website’s extensive list here.`