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Looking and feeling good are important to you. You want to go deeper on your wellness journey but you aren’t sure where to start (or maybe how to progress). You are invested in creating and maintaining a solid skincare regimen, a healthy diet & wouldn’t complain if you lost a few pounds. You’re open to trying new things and incorporating them into your lifestyle but you just need some inspiration.




You're selective about the company you keep–you cherish your family and close friendships. It’s most certainly quality over quantity. As woo woo as they sound, self-care & the value of Me Time are not to be underestimated. A glass of wine and a good book are your perfect Friday night. Lazy brunches and spa days with your girls really light you up. Am I speaking to you yet?

You are comfortable in your skin but it would serve you well to uplevel that inner monologue (I am beautiful. I am strong. I am sexy.) It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of your own beauty and that you are enough.  The color of your skin, the texture of your hair and the shape of your body are more than enough. That doesn’t mean you aren't about optimizing your beauty and wellness routines to be the best damn you, you can be. 

So you are creating beauty rituals, working out, eating healthier. Glowy skin, hair game on point, tons of energy, looking and feeling years younger. You're here for it…and I am too. Welcome to BB Life!

Mia, founder BB Life

Mia Chae Reddy and Sons

Priding myself in my ability to strike a balance between green juice & happy hour, my love for natural beauty & hot pink lipstick, freedom & five-inch heels, my ambition is to connect black & brown women, invest in their health, celebrate their beauty and inspire their growth.

I am a writer, storyteller, compulsive traveler, passionate mama, Superfoodie, joy-seeker, creator, visionary, collaborator, community builder & champion for dope girl magic.

I hold a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland-College Park with expertise in the exploration of browngirlhood and womanhood, identity formation, sexuality & finding the power & beauty in that identity. I have lived & traveled all over the world but my heart is in California. I currently live in Italy with my husband & two brownboy superheroes.


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